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Guest Lecture dari Kedutaan Australia"Indonesia and Australia defense Cooperations" Mr.Matthew Flint

  • Terakhir diperbaharui : Jumat, 11 Mei 2018
  • Penulis : Hendrik Okta Ardhani, S,Kom
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Guest Lecture dari Kedutaan Australia"Indonesia and Australia defense Cooperations" Mr.Matthew Flint

For the last 70 years, the relations between Indonesia and Australia has been full of dynamics, in which there was ups and downs. The two country is a close neighbours, but as if Indonesia considered Australia as the second priority in foreign policy after ASEAN. On the other side, Australia has taken Indonesia as the most important country because the two country share common border. Australia interests to Indonesia mainly to be a stable, unified and democratic country. It means the stability of Indonesia political, economy and security will be the main interests of Australia that highlighted by the Australia's strategic documents (i.e. Australia Defense white paper).

As Indonesia recovered from economy crisis and undergone political and economic reform in last 15 years. Indonesia rises as the emerging economy, among other developing country in the region. But, in Southeast Asia region Indonesia remains as an influential factor in term of political and economic. As bilateral trade is considered good, Indonesia mostly import dairy products from Australia, and there are quite large number of Australia's investment especially in goods and services. However, Indonesia and Australia relations in security aspect is quite complicated.


There are some importants issues that described the politico-security relations between both countries. There are human rights, security cooperation, terrorism and illegal immigrant. These issues are the main points of politico-security issue that affects the relationship of RI and Australia. Looking the current development, President Joko Widodo has proposed that Indonesia to become maritime power in East Asia. The agenda of Indonesia to become maritime power spark debate among the public within Indonesia and outside Indonesia.

The conclusion on the Lecturer as said by Mr. Beni was, Indonesia and Australia dynamic relations between both countries has been very complicated factor since the beginning of the relations. Although there were a dynamics, the coordination to the good and stabilize relations in needed by both of countries.




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