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FPCI (Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia) Chapter UPN “Veteran” Jakarta

Vision : Introducing Indonesia-Africa Partnership
Mission : Team Up With African Representatives In Indonesia
Manifesto : Keep the peace. Looking ahead. Looking towards Africa. To be intellectually active; rich in ideas, analysis, perspectives, and policy recommendations. We believe in the power of imagination. We are inspired by the challenge of creating better places and spaces. We want to improve things, fix things, create things, and show people how. We love a problem and love to imagine and create a solution. When we unleash our imagination, we help others make their world a better place. We vague the power of ’Imagine a Better World’. We shape positive Internasionalism. We are independent, non-political, non-partisan. We are the FPCI Chapter UPN ”Veteran” Jakarta.

Work Program :
   1. OPEN CLASS. Provides a class for everyone to learn about International studies with lecturers from FISIP. This class is literally an open class because we let the door open.  

   2. CHAPTER VISIT. Visiting other FPCI chapters and accept chapters that want to visit us. Making visitation report, wear polite clothes, and presenting FPCI UPNVJ's work program.

   3. OPEN DELEGATION. When there are events related to FPCI, we will try to send delegates by conduct selection, training, mailing and travel plans. At least, one member of FPCI should join.

   4. ASEAN/EMBASSY VISIT. FPCI Chapter UPN "Veteran" will have a visit to ASEAN or other embassies, on August or September.

   5. Paper Submission. Releases articles written by the submitter at LINE@, website, and Instagram. The article is a perspective about current issues and the upload will be 4-5 times a month.

   6. Indonesia Strategic Partnership. Is a seminar that will be held on 2nd of May, 2019. The event consists of two activities, seminar and FGD.

Reach us through our social media :
Instagram : @fpciupnvj
Website : www.fpciupnvj.com
Email : fpci.upnvj@gmail.com
Line@ : @HDA44152



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